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Whether you’re preparing to get your first tattoo or want to add another piercing to your collection, you can trust Lady Luck Tattoo and Body Piercing to take care of you. We offer tattoos and piercings in a clean, friendly environment. Our tattoo artists and piercers are highly trained professionals that will do everything possible to make sure you’re comfortable throughout the process. We guarantee you’ll walk out our door with a smile and a piece of body art you’re proud of!

See what we can do for you by stopping by Lady Luck Tattoo and Body Piercing. You can also give us a call at 270-688-8455.

Don’t just get a tattoo—get a work of art

Owensboro, Kentucky’s Lady Luck Tattoo and Body Piercing has six artists capable of tattooing in a variety of styles. Our highly trained professionals are skilled in techniques like:

  • Japanese traditional
  • Lettering
  • Dotwork
  • Tribal
  • Neotraditional
  • Traditional

We can create tattoos using all of the above and more. Start designing your custom tattoo by consulting with Lady Luck Tattoo and Body Piercing today.

We specialize in body piercing!

Ready to get a new piercing? Make sure you’re getting it done by the best in the business. Lady Luck Tattoo and Body Piercing has provided clean, safe body piercing services to Owensboro residents for 10 years. Our two piercers keep up with the National Association of Body Piercers to make sure they are always using the latest techniques. From dermals to nostrils, we can pierce it all!

Visit Lady Luck Tattoo and Body Piercing of Owensboro to check out piercing services.

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